10 Toes Down


If you tell me that you are 10 toes down then I’m assuming that you are consistent. Letting me know that through rough and tough times it’s you that I can turn to. Regardless of what goes down, I know that it’s you that will have those 10 toes down.

When  I gave you my heart I knew that it was real. I knew I could trust that you would make me your one and only. I never felt like I had to compete with any other females. Turning your head when a skirt walks by is something I never had to dread. You leave me feeling like I’m the one and only that’s standing in your path. You bringing me life every time you pass. I trust you with my life. Never once have I thought you might not have my back. Even when I’m at my worse and noone else is around and feelin my vibe I know if I turn around those 10 toes are still down.

Ladies if your man doesn’t make you feel like this then he isn’t the one. When you have real love then you always know that he is the one person that will drop everything just to make sure you are good. You won’t have to second guess his actions or his whereabouts. There will not be one doubt that his 10 toes are down for you.

I feel like it is highly important to say this last thing! Ladies, you must bring the same energy to the relationship. If you are looking for someone to be real with you then you have to offer the same. You have to stop hiding your emotions and feelings and trying to be the person that they want you to be. You have to stand firm on your ground and be you and if being you isn’t good enough then walk away.

Women, way too often will put their expectations aside and settle for a mediocre man. I don’t know if it’s because we feel like that’s what we deserve or we won’t find anything better?

So please change the way you view yourself. Keep your standards as high as your ass and don’t SETTLE! Make sure that you not only see 10 toes planted on the ground but you can feel the security of the planting.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.