Hey Ladies Your Beautiful

Stop what you are doing and say something positive about yourself. There are so many good things about everyone but what do we do? We focus on that one thing that we hate. I swear we are a dream come to true to plastic surgeons. Our insecurities are single-handedly dismantling our children’s self-esteem.

Ladies let me talk to you for a second. Our little girls are looking at us, watching our every move and depending on us to show them what it means to have self-esteem. We are failing them miserably because we are nitpicking every aspect of our body. I’m guilty of it too. I find myself looking in the mirror and saying My thighs are too big and my stomach needs to get a little flatter. But starting today I’m reversing the way I see myself.

Here’s a little something called daily affirmation that I will be saying to myself every day.

I love everything that I see in the mirror my flaws are no longer my flaws they are my strengths that will set me apart from everyone else. Making me unique.

I want every woman that is reading this blog to say this out loud every morning and see how your prospective changes. Developing you into a woman that is unapologetic for her curves, or lack thereof. This will Enable you to embrace your body and love everything it stands for. We are the most beautiful creatures on the planet from our clothing that we can wear, high heels, lipstick, oh and let’s not forget our ever-changing beautiful hairstyles. We have a plethora of amazing characteristics, and it’s time to acknowledge them all.

Don’t let another day go by with self doubt lingering in your soul and suffocating your spirit. Your flaws are no longer your flaws they are your strengths, so use them.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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