Drunk And Confused

Just when I think I have seen it all. The Universe shows me something new. Here I am enjoying my Friday night with my family. We were watching the highly anticipated movie, THE END GAME! Which was by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Okay so we reached the end of the movie and we were watching the credits. It should be against the law to leave before all credits are done because movie producers usually sneak a quick preview of what’s to come. Perhaps we should have just left because no preview was worth the sideshow I am about to tell you about.

Let me set the stage. We watched the movie at one of our favorite theatres. We can order and eat our dinner right from the comfort of our theatre chairs. So that is usually our go-to spot. Their food menu is extensive and unfortunately so is their liquor menu. Which brings me to my story. My family and I are watching the credits and waiting for our check so we can sign it and leave. We waited for a little bit and finally here comes the manager but she isn’t holding our check. She is holding a ladies arm and guiding her back to her husband. The manager said, “does she belong to you?” “She was wandering around the theatre and couldn’t remember which theater she was in. So I assume she tried several theatres, but obviously, I have no idea. Anyway, Michelle’s husband (that’s the drunks ladies name at least that’s what we are going to call her) reluctantly said, “Yes she’s with me.”(poor guy)

Michelle was stumbling into our chairs and almost fell on my little girl. She leaned forward and slurred “Did you have good service?” My husband grabbed my daughters arm and was about to pull her on him and get her away from stumbling Bestie. But thankfully Michelle’s husband grabbed her and pulled her away from us. My daughter had no idea what was happening and she was beyond confused and so were Michelle’s 3 little sons. They couldn’t have been older than 11 and maybe the youngest one was 6 or 7.      They continued to ask their father “Dad what’s wrong with mom?” Then all of a sudden mom took off towards the other side of theatre and all we heard was the dad screaming Michelle get back here, I’m still waiting for our check! Well, that didn’t seem to stop her from stumbling right out of the theatre. Oh did I mention that by this time it was only 6:45.

Yes, 6:45 and Michelle is already drunk. I am trying to think positive but it’s hard to imagine that this was her first time getting drunk in front of her children or maybe she took medication and had a little wine. Whatever the case maybe I wish her well and I hope that this was her last incident especially in front of her boys.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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