Couponing Made Easy

When I’m on a mission to transform my life, I go all out. I eat clean, workout, go to bed on time, limit the number of stressful people and things in my life.  Most of I motivated myself by saving money. There isn’t anything better than saving money.

It’s so easy to do and so much FUN. I can’t believe my eyes when I look at my receipt and see that I owe a couple of dollars and I get to walk out the store with bags of household products and food. However, couponing for food is more difficult then household products. Every week the newspapers are loaded with coupons and they are primarily for detergent, soap, deodorant, lotion, face wash, makeup, hair products, mouthwash, feminine products, toothpaste, and cleaning products, etc.

My go-to coupon locations are Dollar General Store, CVS, and Publix. But please don’t limit yourself to these stores, I go to them because I know they will not disappoint me. But if you have a favorite store then learn their policies. One thing you have to keep in mind is every store will handle coupons differently and with knowing that I like to stick to my go-to stores because I know that every transaction will go smoothly.

Over the years I have come to know all the cashiers and they know that I like to break my transactions up so that I can minimize my out of pocket expenses. For instance, when I go to CVS I break my transactions up into 4 or 5 orders. I use the extra bucks from my first transaction towards my 2nd transaction. Then I continue that same pattern until I am done.


They will run from Sunday to Saturday

Spend $30.00 and Recieve a $10.00 Gift Card (to be used at CVS) on your next purchase.

Spend $15.oo on Total Home Products and receive $5.00 in Extra Bucks (can be used on your next purchase).

Let me explain what I did!

I Purchased

  • Scott Tissue is $7.99
  • 1 Scott Paper Towel Roll at $5.49
  • 1 Dawn Soap at $.99

If you don’t have coupons then you will spend $30.45 before tax and receive a $10.00 Gift Card. I then used my $10.00 gift card to go towards my next purchase. (you can only do this deal once).

Irish Spring Body Wash for everyone that you buy you will receive $2.oo back in extra bucks. Repeat a total of 4 times. There is currently a $2.00 coupon in most newspapers as well as a coupon in the CVS coupon machine.

Once again I strongly recommend COUPONS. You can use the coupons from the coupon machine that is conveniently located inside of CVS as well as the coupons from your local newspaper.

Many couponers like myself will order coupons because it is much cheaper than buying multiple newspapers. Please let me know if you need suggestions on who to purchase your coupons from.

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored!




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